The Marks of an Educated Man by Nicholas Murray Butler


Sir Nicholas Murray Butler


It isn’t so often that I get moved and captivated by essays and pieces of literature. For my fourth year in high school, we had to read Nicholas Murray Butler’s essay: The Marks of an Educated Man. I noticed that the essay was timely enough for it to strike me at the core of my mind. It talks about how there are certain rules and marks for one man to be considered an “Educated Man”. This was, I think, the only essay in my whole entire life that I have read with such awe and admiration that I’ve quickly chosen it to be my favorite one. I think that Mr. Nicholas really displayed and outlined the true essence of what being an “Educated Man” is.

The essay was so accurate and meaningful that even up till now, I use it as a reference for all the things that require me to socialize, interact, and engage with other people. I like it a lot because it speaks to everyone in a very personal level. It serves not only as a guide for young and old men and women alike, but as an epitome of a piece of text that is truly powerful and revolutionizing.

Truly, with the text, one can transform into a much better person, a more reflective one, a more efficient one, and one that is more refined. The Marks of an Educated man, surely is a must read for everyone who aspires to be someone who wants to be an example of excellence. I am one of them.



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4 responses to “The Marks of an Educated Man by Nicholas Murray Butler

  1. yky

    wonderful, adam from ms yky

  2. me

    the link above cant display butler’s essay. can you help me?

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